BIZENTE project has started the LCA and LLC analysis which represent a step towards the performance of a sustainability assessment of the project outcomes.

The final results of the LCA will be used mainly for decision making in order to analyse the variation of the potential environmental impact in a scenario in which the residues of thermosetting compounds (epoxy resin, polyester and vinylester) are not degraded and one in which these are degraded by the new technology and to get new products.

The first step to perform is a life cycle analysis (LCA) of epoxy and polyester resin before applying the new technology.

Life Cycle Assessment is carried out in phases; goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, impact assessment and interpretation (ISO 14044 2006 structure is followed throughout)

LCA analysis on traditional Resin usage has been done in many different studies, aAmong those, studies supported by the EU under development programs.

Other studies supported by major industries such as GE, LM Wind Power, Siemens and other will provide the necessary base material for the initial study and determination of LCA data on the traditional Resins.

The work will be based on data from the project partners, that will be processed in a selected LCA software  and will result in a comparative LCA analysis.

The LCA analysis is led by European Composite Recycling Technology.