Last November, Bizente celebrated its General Assembly at Aitiip’s facilities, coinciding with the month 30 of the project lifetime. All the Consortium members were reunited with the aim of putting together the project progresses within each work package, and to discuss new strategies for the coming months. It was a really special meeting, since it was the very first time-face to face reunion. An “intensive” full- two days sessions, framed in the event COMPOSIFORUM. All the consortium members attended to the 22 edition, organized by Cátedra Aitiip-Universidad de Zaragoza, which was also a great networking experience to meet companies related to Bizente’s lines of research, wich will be working in developing new methodologies to recycle composite materials in strategic industries, such as aviation. Bizente’s Consortium has a clear goal: join strengths to build from innovation a greener  Europe.