The Bizente project consortium is having quite a busy summer, participating in various international conferences and workshops. In July, for example, the strategic lines of Bizente were presented by Evoenzyme at the workshop “A sustainable future with sustainable plastics”, organised by the project coordinator, Aitiip Centro Tecnológico.

In addition to the technical presentation, in which the developments and objectives of Bizente were transferred to the public, the members of the consortium took part in an industrial conversation between different companies and research centres that are also currently running research programmes related to the revalorisation and recycling of plastics.  Bizente also interacted with the MANDALA, VIBES and REVOLUZION projects, which share the same line of research.

The audience also had the opportunity to interact with the expers, asking interesting questions to the panelists, and generating a very fruitful debate on the present and future of the packaging, aeronautics and automotive industries.