The second Innovation Plan (DL 6.4) serves as an update to the initial Innovation Plan, encompassing the latest advancements and breakthroughs achieved by the BIZENTE consortium. This revised document provides a comprehensive overview of the innovative results attained thus far, with a specific focus on the remarkable progress made in the fields of protein engineering and resin development towards circular solutions for thermoset materials.

Building upon the foundation laid out in the First Innovation Plan (DL 6.3), the second iteration outlines the key technical and market objectives that have been successfully accomplished to date. It serves as a testament to the continuous evolution of the project, highlighting the significant advancements made by the consortium.

Under the guidance of BIZENTE’s Innovation Board (BIB), consisting of the Scientific and Dissemination Manager (Dr. Javier Viña), the Exploitation Manager (Dr. Alejandro Ibrahim), and the Project Manager (Ms. Marta Redrado), this updated plan acts as a strategic roadmap for managing and harnessing innovation within the project. It offers valuable guidance to all partners, ensuring the effective handling and exploitation of the latest innovative results.

As an evolving and dynamic document, the Second Innovation Plan is subject to constant optimization and development. It serves as a guiding framework for all partners involved in the project’s technical work-packages, enabling them to align their efforts with BIZENTES’s overall innovation strategy and contribute to the continued success of the protein engineering and material development initiatives.

By: Evoenzyme