On 27th of May, in a joint webinar in the frame of the EU Green Week the key players of BIZENTE PROJECT and other European projects shed a light on enzymatic solutions for non-recyclable agricultural and packaging plastics, microplastic pollution, thermoset composites and plastic fractions that cannot be recycled. During the online event, our experts shared novel concepts to re-use particular monomeric products and to create new value out of these recycled components.

During the event, three projects from the same call were jointly presented, associated with the BBI JU program, within the theme of plastic recycling. In this way, and under the title “Three Projects-One Solution: The Power of Enzymes”, the different representatives of RECOVER, BIZENTE and ENZYCLE explained the objectives of their corresponding projects and presented a whole horizon of opportunities for the industry to benefit from green practices to achieve the so-called Zero Pollution. Each one with its particular model:

Thus, the RECOVER coordinator explained that this project focuses on an innovative biotic symbiosis for plastic biodegradation and synthesis, designed to solve their end of life challenges in the agriculture and food industries. For its part, the ENZYCLE project overall objective is to valorize and upgrade non-recycled plastic fractions through enzymatic processes to obtain high value-added products.

Regarding BIZENTE, the target of this project is to develop a new technology based on the use of mutated enzymes to carry out the degradation of thermostable composites based on epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins in order to resolve their current end-of-life issues. This technology will be mainly studied in plastic residues from aviation, transport and construction.

RECOVER:  https://www.recover-bbi.eu/
ENZYCLE:  Enzycle – Microbial Enzymes for treatment of non-recycled plastic fractions

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