As a first step for the toxicity & safety evaluation of products in BIZENTE project (WP3, Task 3.1), a toxicity test has been carried out by the University of Cadiz using Eisenia foetida. This organism is an essential earthworm in composting processes, as well as an indicator of healthy soil.

The toxicity test has been carried out by simulating different scenarios in environmental conditions and based on Test No. 207 (OECD guideline for the testing of chemicals). In this regard, 170 adult earthworms were exposed for 14 days to five concentrations of two polyester resins (codes: BZ-235 and BZ-261), using a natural substrate, daylight cycles and a temperature range between 22°C and 27°C. The behaviour and mortality of the organisms was observed. In addition, faeces were collected and analysed to detect the possible presence of ingested resins. Surviving earthworms were homogenised for the study of some biomarkers (AChE, GST, CbE).

Methods for the detection and characterisation of resins in biological samples are currently being optimised, as well as statistical analysis and discussion of the data and results obtained.