On May 11th, 2021, the Bizente project organized an event within the EU Green Week. The event brought the project to all type of public. A direct and visual overview of the project was given, and the current problem with thermoset plastic waste was analysed (Spanish language).

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to discover what enzymes are and how Bizente intends to recycle or recover thermoplastic waste using enzymes. The BIZENTE partners explained how the degradation model proposed within the project works, using enzymes, which turn out to be one of the most powerful oxidative systems in nature. Mutations are introduced to enhance the degradative properties, allowing the recyclability of thermoset materials.

In this way, BIZENTE will contribute to the future by offering a pioneering technology that will allow the composites to be biodegraded with enzymes, generating a positive environmental impact. The BIZENTE model will achieve the decomposition of 30% of the thermoset waste, in addition to the reduction of CO2 by up to 22%. On the other hand, it will make possible the reuse of components in multiple sectors, such as the aeronautical, automotive or electronics sectors.

If you missed the event: Click here to watch it again.