Bizente’s main goal is to develop enzymatic solutions for the end-of-life treatment of complex composite materials. EvoEnzyme is the partner in charge of the engineering of novel enzymes (ligninolytic and hydrolytic) by directed evolution to adapt them to the degradation process under industrial conditions (Fig 1.).

Model scaffold molecules for four selected resins (Hexflow®RTM6, Araldine®LY1568, DION®IMPACT9102 and R930A) were used to develop high-throughput platform for the engineering of degradative enzymes. After expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewer’s yeast) several libraries with focus on structural elements of the protein have been studied and several improved enzymes have been selected for further analysis. Being directed evolution an iterative process here we communicate the further engineering of already improved variants presented in M22 of the project. These variants are the intermediate results of a evolutive process that will continue in the following months.