A Key Exploitable Result (KER) is an identified main interesting result which has been selected and prioritized due to its high potential to be “exploited”.

The objective of the Interim report on exploitable results and IPR management is to identify BIZENTE background, to determine the ownership of project’s results and to evaluate the best procedure to protect new knowledge and data. All of that aimed at fully achieve the expected impact of the proposed solution and to prepare the transition towards educational, industrial and commercial uptake.

The consortium members have work on the KERs: they have demarcated their names and descriptions, also they have defined the Owners’ IPR Mechanism, evaluated their exploitation perspectives and developed their exploitation route map.

Within this information, BIZENTE has applied to the Horizon Boost Results Service (HBR) of the European Commission which aims to maximise the impact of research projects. BIZENTE Consortium has participated in Service 1: Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy (PDES), Module C: assisting projects to improve their existing exploitation strategy and it is expected to take part in Service 2: Business Development Plan so we get assessment to create a tailor-made business plan for BIZENTE.