In the last decade, Teruel airport has become a worldwide known aeronautical hub in the aviation industry. Aircraft painting business will shortly be added to aircraft parking, maintenance and recycling services that are already available.

The present of the airport is linked to these activities, to services provided by drones, to the training of professionals specialized in various fields and to the participation in H2020 projects such as BIZENTE, HELACS, VIVES, EoLO-HUBs, etc. that aimed to find a solution to the end of life of aircraft and particularly to composite materials.

The future will be also based on the development of a local aerospace industry: rocket launch, construction and operation of high-altitude pseudosatellites (HAPS) and another associated activities.

During the conference “Teruel: a strategic enclave for the aerospace industry in the world”, the past, present and future of the Teruel airport which is a focus of aeronautical and aerospace investments and as a revitalizing instrument for the economy and society of Teruel.