The University of Cadiz and the BIZENTE project are taking part in the European Researchers’ Night 2022, which was held in Cadiz on 30 September. This scientific dissemination event, which takes place in the streets and squares of 400 European cities, is focused on showing citizens the work done by scientists.

The workshop, conducted under the BIZENTE project and focused on a young audience, firstly showed the importance of earthworms as essential organisms in the environment and their role in the production of compost and soil fertilisation. Earthworms were shown at different stages of their life cycle, as well as real compost at different stages of maturation.

Subsequently, the problem of thermoset composite and the solutions and objectives pursued by BIZENTE were introduced. Finally, the role of earthworms in the environment was related in an illustrative and informative way to the problems addressed by BIZENTE, with emphasis on the toxicity assessment of these compounds in organisms and how the experiments performed at the University of Cadiz are carried out.