A very important aspect on the management of BIZENTE is to create a guide to help handling the innovation elements from the project. The first Innovation Plan (D6.3) formulates and programs these management activities and should be follow by all partners under the guidance of BIZENTE’s Innovation Board (BIB).

Innovation management

Leading and coordinating Innovation, the board is composed by the Scientific and Dissemination Manager (Dr. Javier Viña), the Explotation Manager (Dr. Alejandro Ibrahim) and the Project Manager (Ms. Marta Redrado). This plan explains the foundation of Innovation applied to BIZENTE, from all resources to outputs and dissemination, paying special attention to the exploitation of the most promising results. BIZENTE’s technical objectives and results are described and related to the key performance indicators (KPI) proposed by THE STRATEGIC INNOVATION AND RESEARCH AGENDA (SIRA). The plan also sets the guides for Market Innovation, analyzing knowledge management in the framework of the Consortium Agreement. In addition, Market objectives are considered for eventual commercial activities leaded by the Exploitation Manager.

The Innovation Plan will be taken into account by all partners from technical work-packages and it is a document in constant optimization and development.

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