Issue 6, July 2023

☀️ Summer School: Get your place in class! Are you interested in the exciting world of composite and enzymes? And about the recyclability of these advanced materials and their new applications in strategic sectors? From Bizente and Vibes projects we invite you to participate in these great theoretical-practical courses that our coordinator from Aitiip Tecnology Center is organizing together with Universidad de Zaragoza and Aeropuerto de Teruel (PLATA), where the [...]

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Issue 5, Nov 2022

BIZENTE: Flagship project at COMPOSIFORUM 2022 The Bizente project was one of the flagship projects presented at the 3rd edition of COMPOSIFORUM, the international forum on composite materials, organised by the Cátedra Aitiip-Unizar The Consortium members offered masterful speeches, approaching the project developments and industrial applicabilities to the audience, formed by a hundred of representatives [...]

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Issue 4, May 2022

BIZENTE NEWSLETTER Issue number 4, May 2022 BIZENTE: MOVING FORWARD BIZENTE keeps advancing! In the last 6 months, BIZENTE partners have been working hard and great advances were achieved. Novel enzymes have been successfully expressed, resins have been successfully modified and the first degradation tests have been carried out. The first steps towards the scaling [...]

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Issue 3, October 2021

BIZENTE NEWSLETTER Issue number 3, October 2021 BIZENTE: LATEST ADVANCES ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF ENZYMES AND MODIFICATION OF RESINES Here it is the BIZENTE third newsletter to keep you up to date on the project’s progress.During these months, the project succeeded in the development of high-throughput assays for the detection of mutated variants of ligninases [...]

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Issue 2, December 2020

BIZENTE NEWSLETTER Issue number 1, December 2020 Hello from Bizente Project! Bizente project aims to develop customised ligninases that can degrade thermoset composites once they reach their end-of-life, being able to valorise all by-products into new chemicals and feedstocks. In addition, monomers will be generated to manufacture new resins to be used in industrial processes [...]

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