Studying the potential of ligninolytic enzymes in the degradation of complex thermoset composites

From the beginning of BIZENTE, partner EvoEnzyme has been studying the potential of ligninolytic enzymes in the degradation of complex thermoset composites. With the aim of customizing these enzymes (by protein engineering) and adapt them to industrial settings, EvoEnzyme started testing their activity in the degradation of soluble model molecules based on the structure of [...]

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Bizente has been presented in Biotrans 2021: Biocatalytic solutions for the end-of-life of thermoset materials

EvoEnzyme presented Bizente in Biotrans 2021 celebrated in Graz, Austria on 19th to 22nd July, 2021 with the poster "Biocatalytic solutions for the end-of-life of thermoset materials". The poster was elaborated by EvoEnzyme and the Department of Catalysis and Petrochemistry of CSIC. Happy reading!  

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BIZENTE in Biotrans 2021

The 15th International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Biotransformations (Biotrans 2021) will take place from the 19th to 22nd July, The conference is organised around poster sessions presenting the state-of-the-art in biocatalysis including synthetic and evolutionary biology, genetics, reaction engineering, biomolecular engineering, protein biochemistry, computational chemistry and synthetic (bio)organic chemistry. Check for updates at @biotrans2021. EVOENZYME [...]

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BIZENTE gathers requirements and industrial specifications of composites from a variety of sectors

Due to unique characteristics such as their high strength-to-weight ratio (enabling light-weighting) and long durability, thermoset based composite materials provide significant advantages over conventional materials such as steel or aluminium. This makes them very attractive for a growing number of applications across sectors, ranging from aerospace and automotive to construction, railway, energy, and sports. The [...]

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BIZENTE shows its enzymatic degradation model in a Spanish workshop on Circular Economy in industry

The BIZENTE project has participated in the face-to-face conference "Digitization, Circular Economy and Talent" jointly organized by the AITIIP technology center and the Aragón Automotive Cluster in Zaragoza (Spain). It was an event in which experts from different sectors have radiographed the current industrial ecosystem and its relationship with these three key vectors within the [...]

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Chemical Modification of resins to enhance materials biodegradability

Within the research activities of BIZENTE are those related to customisation and development of enzymes and resins at lab level. In this respect, the consortium has been working on the chemical modification of resins to enhance materials biodegradability. Below we offer a summary of the main findings of this work. Unlike thermoplastic for which effective [...]

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BIZENTE’s touchdown in EU Green Week 2021: The Power of Enzymes

On 27th of May, in a joint webinar in the frame of the EU Green Week the key players of BIZENTE PROJECT and other European projects shed a light on enzymatic solutions for non-recyclable agricultural and packaging plastics, microplastic pollution, thermoset composites and plastic fractions that cannot be recycled. During the online event, our experts [...]

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EU Green Week Webinar 11th May: Zero Pollution

On May 11th, 2021, the Bizente project organized an event within the EU Green Week. The event brought the project to all type of public. A direct and visual overview of the project was given, and the current problem with thermoset plastic waste was analysed (Spanish language). In addition, the participants had the opportunity to [...]

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Alain Graillot: “Bizente resins will bring a real environmental breakthrough to many industrial fields”

Alain Graillot is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SPECIFIC POLYMERS company and leads industrial and collaborative R&D projects. He brings his experience in various fields: biomedical and nanomedicine, sustainable thermoset materials, polymeric materials for energy or high-performance materials and coatings. In Europe, about 70% of thermoset composite materials [...]

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