The use of vitrimers in the BIZENTE project

In this project, SPECIFIC POLYMERS will notably be in charge of the chemical modification of thermoset resin composition to ease the enzymatic degradation of composite materials without affecting their mechanical properties. To do so, we will custom-designed building blocks containing enzymatically degradable moieties or functional groups easing such degradation mechanisms. In order to achieve this [...]

2023-05-02T13:34:17+01:00May 2nd, 2023|

Towards enzymatic degradation of recalcitrant epoxy-polymers

Today’s society is based on synthetic polymers; practically every area of our daily life is permeated with polymers. Unfortunately, the first generations of polymeric materials surrounding us today have been designed for durability rather than recyclability and/or degradability. The very common poly vinyl products such as poly ethylene, poly propylene and poly styrene comprise hydrocarbon [...]

2023-05-02T13:07:44+01:00May 2nd, 2023|

Bizente, at school: toxicity test during a one-week meeting with high-skilled students   The University of Cadiz  organized an interesting activity to bring science and the BIZENTE project closer to students with high capacities, within the course "Toxicity assessment as a practical tool and early warning indicator of potential environmental risks", a dozen students have had the opportunity to learn about the toxicology process that [...]

2023-04-04T11:14:46+01:00April 4th, 2023|

Teruel, a strategic enclave for the areospace industry

In the last decade, Teruel airport has become a worldwide known aeronautical hub in the aviation industry. Aircraft painting business will shortly be added to aircraft parking, maintenance and recycling services that are already available. The present of the airport is linked to these activities, to services provided by drones, to the training of professionals [...]

2023-02-02T13:17:53+01:00February 2nd, 2023|

Customised enzymes on model compound in liquid medium

In this task, TUDelft investigates the principal feasibility of ligninases, specifically peroxygenases to oxidatively cleave the backbone of common thermoset composites. The chemical philosophy of this approach is based on the higher reactivity of C-H bonds next to heteroatoms such as O or N. The acetal-like structure of the resulting hydroxylation products is expected to [...]

2023-01-31T14:30:16+01:00January 31st, 2023|

Towards biocatalytic depolymerisation of recalcitrant polymers

Bizente gets to the last month of the year with promising developments. Polymers are an indispensable part of our modern life. The chemical structure of today’s polymers, however, also poses an enormous environmental challenge with our plastic wastes accumulating in the biosphere. The reason for this is that today’s polymers have been designed for durability, [...]

2022-12-02T11:33:50+01:00December 2nd, 2022|

Innovation and synergies at the Bizente’s stakeholders meeting

Within the framework of the M30 General Assembly, and hosted by the coordinator Aitiip Technology Center, Bizente's Consotrium also celebrated a stakeholders meeting, where a dozen of industrial representatives had the oportunity to meet Bizente's circular proposal. It was a working / technical session in which the Consortium led different technical presentations, to adress Bizente's [...]

2022-11-29T10:11:15+01:00November 29th, 2022|

Bizente celebrates its M30 General Assembly at Aitiip’s facilities

Last November, Bizente celebrated its General Assembly at Aitiip's facilities, coinciding with the month 30 of the project lifetime. All the Consortium members were reunited with the aim of putting together the project progresses within each work package, and to discuss new strategies for the coming months. It was a really special meeting, since it [...]

2022-11-28T13:31:45+01:00November 28th, 2022|

Bizente, flagship project at Composiforum 2022

The Bizente project was one of the flagship projects presented at the 3rd edition of COMPOSIFORUM, the international forum on composite materials, organised by the Aitiip-Unizar chair. The Consortium members offered masterful speeches, approaching the project developments and industrial applicabilities to the audience, formed by  a hundred of representatives of companies related to multiple industries [...]

2022-11-18T13:10:37+01:00November 18th, 2022|

Bizente’s innovations at ESIB 2022 in Austria

  Busy month, November, for Bizente's Consortium. Our team is moving across Europe to show the project's developments and innovations. In this case, Aitiip and Biosphere scientists made a presentation of the project research lines at ESIB 2022. Within Bizente, we are applying ligninases to resolve end-of-life issues of thermoset composite plastics. In the end, [...]

2022-11-29T11:03:04+01:00November 15th, 2022|