ARAID researchers learn about the power of enzymes in the industry of the future thanks to BIZENTE

  During the month of October 2022, BIZENTE held a scientific workshop with the Aragonese Foundation for Research and Development (ARAID). The main objective of the event was to present the BIZENTE project to a [...]

Chemical modifications to resins in order to ease the targeted biodegradation process

  Unlike thermoplastic for which effective recycling options do exist, thermoset composites cannot be melted because they contain, in their structure, crosslinked polymer networks based on irreversible chemical bonds. Therefore, currently most of the thermoset [...]

ACCIONA studies the validation of modified resins and byproducts within Bizente project

  ACCIONA CONSTTUCTION, partner in Bizente project, is a Spanish construction company present in over 30 countries through its different divisions and with a turnover of over 3 billion euros and around 11,300 employees. ACCIONA [...]

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